Jordan J Tudisco

Graduate Student

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Comparative Literature


  • Degree in Applied Foreign Languages, in English and Russian, with a specialization in Translation at Universite Paris VIII Vincennes Saint-Denis, France (2009-2012)
  • European Intensive Program in Digital Literature and Humanities, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (Summer 2013)
  • Master's in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures, in English, with a double-specialization in Literary Translation and Multimedia Translation, Universite Paris VIII Vincennes Saint-Denis, France (2012-2015)


Jordan is currently a PhD student in Comparative Literature at UC Santa Barbara and specializes in Transgender Studies, Queer Studies, 19th/20th century French and Francophone Literature, and Sociolinguistics. A native speaker of French, Jordan also works in English, German, and Russian, and hopes to learn more about Italian and Japanese in order to study if and how different languages and linguistic systems allow the emergence of distinct gender and sexual identities. His translation works focus on three things: 1) the problems posed by the translation of transgender memoirs into French, a language that offers less possibilities to express a non-binary identity and shows signs of linguistic censorship; 2) the specific dynamics at work in the translation of digital literature; and 3) the process of creative self-translation.


Jordan's research interests include: Gender and Translation, Self-Translation, Queer Studies, Transgender Studies, Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Digital Literature & Writing, Translation and Censorship, and Translating Memoirs.




  • Translations of three articles by FROMM, Devin, GRAFALS Michael, and SMITH, Eliza published in Mystères de Paris et Mystères urbains américains: du récit des bas-fonds au film noir et au Steampunk (1840-2015) / Mysteries of Paris and American Urban Mysteries : from the underworld novel to film noir and Steampunk. Catherine Nesci and Devin Fromm. Forthcoming on
  • TUDISCO, Jordan, and OUELLETTE, Carolyne, 2012, Trois Rails Sous Tension, Université du Québec à Montréal, bleuOrange. ( Translation of MONTFORT, Nick, COOVER, Roverick, and RETTBERG, Scott, 2012, Three Rails Live, online.

In progress:

  • Translation of Jennifer Finney Boylan's She's Not There: My Life in Two Genders; translation of Nick Krieger's Nina Here Nor There: My Journey Beyond Gender from English to French
  • Translation of Aron Arnold's "Le rôle de la fréquence fondamentale et des fréquences de résonance dans la perception du genre" (2012) and "Voix et transidentité : changer de voix pour changer de genre ?" (2015) from French to English.